Monday, February 12, 2007

Reunion Dinner

Well not really. We were treating it something like one because my first aunt was flying off to have fun during CNY and we thought we'd gather for dinner before she did. We didn't even eat together at one big table. Never did. Our dining tables were always too small for that.

This was held at my cousin's house, whom my aunt stays with. On the way to the house, I saw this displayed outside one of the neighbouring apartments.

This owner has some strange liking to these creatures because there were a couple more sitting around.

I decided to relax at the table outside because it was windy and I could do with some fresh air. It wasn't really stuffy inside, it just was fresher outside. I drank Coke while my cousin and uncle drank Heineken. This shot per se was horrible, but I totally love the color contrast.

And finally, my adorable nephew! He's actually more mischevious than he looks here, and he bites. Again because of the lighting, these aren't the best of shots. But just as long as you see his face.

Trying to pick the fat dog up. He's already picked up from his parents and grandma how to scold the dog. When the dog starts barking instead of crying he would walk to the dog and go 'mlieuh-bluh-bluh!' while waving his hand at the dog.

Playing with the remote. He flipped the channel at least 4 times, and I being the most savvy in the place had to flip it back to AV1 (my cuzs are on cable) the same number of times.

Posing in front of his impressive toy collection.

Carried by the maid.

Happy times. :)

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