Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I remembered as I got off the 151 bus yesterday to change to bus 65 that I had yet to top my EZ-link card up, so I had to break my $2 note because I didn't have sufficient coins. How convenient that there was a mama shop a few steps away.

I considered just asking for change at first, but decided to be nice and to just buy something small and use the change for the fare. The whole place looked quite shady actually... candy lined in age-old boxes, condoms and playing cards put next to each other in a glass-front cabinet. I still was itching at that point to just break it into two $1 coins, but I'd been staring at the products so long, I thought it best to just pick something up.

I settled for Ovalteenies, something I was totally crazy over for a short while, and which I hadn't taken in a long time. It's actually no more than Ovalteen compressed to make a tablet, not unlike medicine. But it was just so good to chew and crack into powder, quite like taking Milo dry.

I looked forward to a somewhat nostalgic taste. What I got was this:

When I got hold of the first tablet when I dug in, three more came out along with it, glued together. Long story short, Ovalteenies are good dehumidifiers. They suck moisture like hungry freaking hippos and turn into that awful rear-end-refuse color. After chewing my way through two I threw the whole packet away.


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