Friday, February 2, 2007

Reach! ... What I'm Reading

Ok, I'm finding it abit redundant to keep posting videos from Kevin's blog just to laugh about them, so may I draw my honorable readers' attention to the long bar on the left. Right after the Labels box is my newest addition, fed from Google Reader. It shows, more accurately, what I wish to share with
you guys, from among the feeds I've been reading through. So really, do have more than just a glance at it, because I'm thinking more about my friends' interests as far as this roll is concerned. I've already got my interests well covered thanks. :)

Moving right along, this video is what I saw from Kevin's blog today. He said given the deal he made about more creative break-request=longer break, we might just be doing this by the end of the semester. Although by the time we're finished with whatever item we cooked up break would probably be over...

So I scanned through this prank group's Youtube page, and I found all their other pranks there. The following one caught my attention. It turned out to be their best prank.

Young adults walking into the train and rambling on abruptly about protein generation, visual perception, Kant and religion, 20th century architechture and combinatronics. And by the end of their 'lectures' (unlike the musicals they had no plants this time), people were actually participating! Amazing these people... just inspires me (and alot of other people apparently) to want to do such crazy things.

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