Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Beef Yakiniku

Before we start, a quick look at what Kaiyan likes.

I swear I never knew he was into stripes.

Moving on, Graham and I were quite hungry today, so we decided to go for our ultimate super hyper meal (bankai mode, for those who know what it means).

Beef Yakiniku! -niku -iku -ku -ku...

For some reason when either Graham and I or Hans and I order yakiniku (-ku -ku -ku), I'm like the one to dictate the order to the... whoever's behind the counter. Today we were early, so it was the auntie (later = horizontally challenged 4by2 guy).

Auntiee.. (not a typo.. it's more polite to stretch e abit, but I thought putting three eee's were abit too much).

Ok ok semula.

'Auntie... Beef yakiniku bu yao (don't want) onion jia fan (extra rice) liang ge (two sets).'

I'm not treating you like a Chinese-illiterate idiot la I'm just want to make sure it's understood, ok...

And just because I was feeling cheeky and to try my luck, I added as an afterthought, 'Gravy zueh zueh' (with alot of gravy... their gravy... never mind you'll see).

And that auntie, bless her, turned to me and asked in Chinese, 'You want more of the gravy is it?'

So I said yes and I thanked her very very nicely.

By the way the complete 'native' name is be calls:
Beef焼き肉 不要洋葱 加饭 Gravy多多.

Mmmm see? I's many-ringuals erucated.

SO. How does BeefYakinikuBuYaoOnionJiaFanGravyZuehZueh look like?

And the gravy?

Mmmmm ohhh my God can you see the beef swimming in the gravy uwahhh and what we do is we hold the beef back and we tip the gravy into the rice.

O hallelujah praise the Lord amen.

Yeah we just took the photos to show Hans what he missed by oversleeping. Cos we guessed that if the fat man was serving us he would have charged 20cents for the extra gravy. We'll try next week.

And let you know.

If we aren't too upset to remember to take a picture.

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