Saturday, February 3, 2007

Poto Poto

For some strange reason there was a whole wealth of occassions for me to snap photos of things I observed on-the-go. Here I be shares with you.

Before I start on today, here's a photo of a Jaguar I took when I spotted it on the bus at Paya Lebar MRT. It's not world-class, but then I'm just trying to show you what I saw. Damned reflection. From what I could make out from my seat the model looked like XG-A4. No idea whether that's right or not. It looks quite like my kind of car though dimension-wise. Stretched, rather low, and quite a tank of a vehicle too.

So while walking to Tampines MRT station this morning, passing through the Sports Hall side walkway, I saw this interesting bird. A terrible pity that my stupid phone's resolution actually gets smaller as I zoom. But I was so afraid of scaring it away. I actually took two pictures before the one you're about to see, and when I stepped closer for this shot, the bird whipped round to glare at me. I thought that I got a good shot so I walked away from that. Oh well, lesson learnt.

I don't go on trains that early in the morning on Saturdays often. It was a blissful lack of the usual crowds of depressingly furrowed faces.

And on the way to SIM on bus 74, the small flower shop (I won't call it nursery, it's different) which had just a few pots put out a week or two before was suddenly filled with these kumquat plants in anticipation of CNY. I was strangely compelled to snap it, so I might as well share it with you.

Lastly, I saw these two kids opposite me while on the train after class. I initially thought they were from one of those independent schools where super rich kids go, with their polo+berms uniform. But I saw no logo or badge or pin, and they were dressed differently anyway. What was interesting though was that I quite sub-consciously noticed and picked out telltale signs that spelt R.I.C.H. Take a look.

Pity that I couldn't snap their shoes. All I remember that it was branded - Adidas or Nike or New Balance or something like that, one of those major brands. I got my phone cam ready just as we exited the Town Tunnel going to Kallang, and before I could get a good shot (with their rich faces :P) the train was already slowing down.

Finally, for those of you who haven't seen it yet, this fanfilm is THE best saber fight ever. Other fanfilms have great storyline and all but this one's just meet-stare-fightfightfight-die.

That's what I'm talking about man.

Cheerio all.

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