Monday, February 12, 2007


A few bones to pick and other things that I found generally interesting.

I came back from school to find this box on my table, and my father came in to tell me it came with...... well something else. And I was mildly surprised, because the packaging was so big I thought it contained like 10 packs. But when I scanned around the box, I was very surpised to find that it was only 4 servings.

4 servings so big box for what?!

And when I opened it up later, the 4 sticks of coffee-mix were so loosing rattling around inside the box. I thought it was such a waste of space to put 4 packs of mix into a box that could easily hold twice the amount. I guess when it really comes down to the bare costs, profit notwithstanding, it's minimal to the company to make larger-than-needed boxes. It's probably an enticement to buy whatever it was attached with, because the free attachment looks so big.

Next, Graham called this to my attention on our way home. I nearly missed this shot, hastily taken as it is. Lucky the bus had to stop to give way or something. And I took the chance to snap. I didn't want to zoom because previous experience already told me that the stupid camera just magnifies the pixels , and if I were to zoom, I'd probably have gotten a 100x75px shot. See the ultra-small car in the centre? We were of course too far away to get a look at the brand, but we've never in our lives seen a car this small, so we deduced that it was most probably imported. Which I thought was quite idiotic, to spend big bucks importing a car that would probably accordion with the slightest impact. Too much time, too much money.

And it looks like our church is expanding beyond our control! I went for the second service with my younger cousin, Sandra's sister. We reached there 10 minutes late, and almost every wall was lined with people standing, and the aisles filled with people sitting. This shot far from captures the crowd, but it was amazing during Praise&Worship. I've never heard such a loud chorus from the audience before.

Last one. SBS. What are you trying to say with this huh? You justifying your crapped up scheduling with such ambiguous words? Unseen reasons? What unseen reasons? You mean like drivers taking their own sweet time to drive, accelerating and braking like rally drivers making the whole bus feel like puking in his face? Or maybe like, oh, drivers ignoring people rushing for the bus, closing the doors and taking their own sweet time to pull out of the bus stop mocking the unlucky would-be passengers?

How the hell did this tagline even pass the board? We know that you know how terrible service can be. Even if you meant something else by that sentence, have you never thought of alternative connotations? Or maybe you didn't bother to run a pilot test to gain a sample of public reactions? Or did you just call some middle management guys to the computer to have a look and tell you what they thought?

I hate having to make this clear, but I've long lost my hope that humanity has a general intelligence I can trust in. Listen, I'm not slamming SBS drivers. Just today a kind driver saw me running for the bus (yes I can run) and stopped it for me. I am merely bringing this up to/against SBS for making such ambiguous, know-it-all statements. That may not be the intention, but that was what I got. And probably, so does half a million other people. And I say that literally. Singapore has 4+ million people. I would count on 500 000 of these to be educated and frustrated enough by bus services to have the same path of thought.

Damn. Photobitching rocks.

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