Monday, March 3, 2008

A few things


What the fuck! Seriously! I cannot believe I lost ALL my pictures from interesThink! Stupid computer... I must have tried to move the file from Desktop to My Pictures and the computer denied it. The next day I forgot that the computer denied the transfer and cleared the copy from my desktop.

Oh ok. I found it. Under my Happy Tree Friends folder. Accidentally shifted it in there.

What! If I hadn't blogged about it I wouldn't have thought about looking through the folders again.

Effies coverage coming up soon. I've been damn tired with the endless revisions and work. I probably say or think this every semester but I really just want to curl up in my bed, hugging my bolster, with my blanket over me, and let the sound of the pouring rain wash me to sleep.

I'll wake up, eat, do my Netichores while waiting for the food to digest, and get right back to the rain-wash-sleep gig.

Without getting fatter.

I wish.

Oh God, let me rest, please....................

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