Friday, February 29, 2008

Thus Ends Madness Week

Yes it certainly was the craziest week I can recall in my life. I might have had other crazy weeks, but this one stands out because I was actually serious about each and every one of the activities I needed to get done.

Also because it just ended.

  • Complete SWOT report and slides
  • Get videocam from friend
  • Film PSY333 short video clips
  • Elaborate SWOT report
  • Children's Church ministry training
  • Update SWOT slides
  • Draft Reflection Essay
  • Help with project patching up
  • Finish up Reflection Essay, print
  • Attend FYC AGM (more later)
  • Go to all that trouble preparing for project presentation
  • Cock lecturer talks and questions and comments so much on each presentation that only 3 out of 8 groups got to present
  • briefing with thoroughly disillusioned group members
  • Attend the World Effie Festival day 1
  • Worry about midterm PSY exam
  • Miss morning class, studied PSY
  • PSY midterm exam - waste time studying
  • Dashed down to Effies day 2
  • Chiong into seminar room for MMLKY's interview on "The Branding of Singapore"
  • Usher says program will commence at 215pm sharp doors will be locked
  • Calls to friends still rushing down to tell them forget it
  • 230pm LKY still gelek-gelek somewhere else
  • SMSes to friends to get down here ASAP
  • friends make it, whole hall full
  • LKY interview ends, dash to the toilet to open floodgates
  • meet friends and stuff my face with mini mushroom ragout and chocolate eclairs (I missed lunch)
  • dashed for Premium Master Class - The Digital Age of Advertising
And from there I could take it easy and have fun. For now. Next week will be another flurry of activities, but not so crazy. Still, it's tiring. I was in an extremely bad, not to mention utterly stoned mood for most of the day as midweek approached.

Ok as promised, more about the FYC AGM as well as the Effies. I know the last time I said more about the posts never materialized, but I intend to blog about these two events. How could I not? The Effies? Hello?? I will.


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