Monday, March 17, 2008

LG KS20 Bloggers and Forumers Launch

So since I've talked about it over at 65bits, I thought I'd provide a more personal point of view of the event here. As Rinaz rightly pointed out, I was very glad to have not one, two, but a whole table of pingsters with me (as well as more in our immediate surroundings). It would have been cold and lonely to attend the event without anyone familiar. For that I suppose we'll have to thank fellow pingster Princessa Sabrina for inviting. Her friend was prudent to get her to help - she has great links through and even out of it.

This was the main table I sat with.

The people who brightened my evening... Left to Right: DK, Sheylara, Claudia, Rinaz.

Other pingsters who attended the event (yeah everyone I knew there were pingsters you got a problem?) were Geekonomics's Nicholas Aaron Khoo, Iz from I.Z. Reloaded, 9eek 9oddess Estee, nadnut and jayden. Those that I recognized anyway. I think there were a couple others.

I love the food provided at Corduroy Cafe, where the event was held. The ambience there is welcoming and cosy, and the food is mostly delicious. It's quite obvious that LG didn't hold back on their costs.

The event, I would say, was a great success. Again, Fleishman and LG have Sabrina to thank, because we bloggers really made each other's night better. Proof?

DK invents Endorsement 2.0

The IXUSes

The LUMIXes (FX1 and FX12 how cool is that? Front still looks the same after all these years)
Courtesy Rinaz

Goofing off with camera flash competition (and I cheated :P)
Courtesy Rinaz

Trying to work my way around the phone (and Windows Mobile 6)
Courtesy Nicholas

My first impressions of the product, however, were terrible. Perhaps it was due to the inherently messy interface of Windows Mobile 6. But I don't want to pass final judgment on a product after a nett playtime of 5 minutes. I'm gonna want to use it for as long as possible before coming up with a detailed review.

But as far as first impressions go, I interviewed Nicholas, DK and Rinaz. I'll probably post that over at Channel65, so watch out for that. And Rinaz interviewed me in return. It was actually quite embarrassing for my ego as a tech podcaster and reviewer, because that was like the worst interview I ever did in my life.

Overall, I quite enjoyed myself. Companies should take a leaf from LG's book when it comes to PR events. As for products, LG may have well have to take a leaf from other books.

"I mean, what do you think when you think of LG?"
Simultaneously: "Washing machines"

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claudia said...

I want the photo with me and rinaz!! Send to me can? Please please. claudialim10 at g m a i l dot c o m pleaseeee!

Thanks!! :D

claudia said...

Ops! Paisay! Just realised I can click n enlarge the pic! heee... no need to send liao. Thanks ah!

Anonymous said...


Hello from UK, seems you guys are having fun a lot, would love to joint you when I visit Singapore.


Farinelli said...

Hi Matahari! Are you coming soon? Do join us. :D