Sunday, March 16, 2008

Furniture Revamp at Geek Terminal!

So, before the LG bloggers' launch event, I had alot of time to kill, and alot of energy to recoup, so I went to Geek Terminal to chill my afternoon away. It's a good thing I didn't fall asleep in the comfy couch/lounge thingy, although I took some liberties in stretching myself out. I cleared like 6 7 videos. It's actually more exhausting than relaxing.

It must have been in between videos when I was resting my senses when I noticed Danny beckoning Chris over. I saw Danny sit triumphantly into what looked like quite the ordinary black chair, as if he'd just been appointed Archbishop of Canterbury. Unable to resist my curiousity I walked over and took a good luck at the new chair. My opinion didn't change from when I was a distance away - it looked plain. The cushion looked thin. When I sat in it however, at the kind invitation of the two bosses, it felt surprisingly comfortable, and supportive. And you know for someone of my size, it feels particularly gratifying to know that not only the chair but the cushion can support your weight well. Here's what it looked like.

The armrest



The cushion from the side

Geek Terminal is apparently doing a huge ass revamp. In fact I wanted to blog about the garage sale that happened yesterday and today, but... well time just passed too fast. There were loads of old product stocks going for sale, and even the old "classic" GT furniture. Hope they stretch it beyond this week. Meanwhile, the next time you go to GT, don't be surprised to see a whole new look!

By the way, before I left, Chris dumped a dubious looking half finished espresso on my table.

"Try it. Nice!"

Oh my God the first sip nearly physically knocked me over.

Turns out Chris gave me a cup of moscato espresso. Moscato is the semi-sweet Italian wine, although the taste makes it feel like semi-sweet Italian hardass liquor.

Not bad. Watch out for it. Get drunk and high. Oh yeah~

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