Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jurassic Jumble

Just because I have no Vimeo account and don't quite see the need for one (not now anyway), this is my way of favouriting a Vimeo video.

By blogging about it.

I can just stick it here because I'm fairly confident the video won't get taken off.

Because the user is my friend Rinaz.

Anyways this was at's Chinese New Year Lou-Yu-Sheng gathering at De Coder's Cafe, down at the basement of Balmoral Plaza. More on that in the next post, when I procure the photos (I use big(ger) words just because I can).

Basically in Jurassic Jumble, there are up to 9 sets of cards of dinosaurs, with color and species codes. Your objective is to try to get a complete set, 9 cards each, of a certain species (ie. 9 T-Rexs or Pterodactyls). The first person to do it grabs one of the cute rubber bones off the table, and others have to follow suit, till one distracted player is left without a bone, and loses. To get a complete set, you trade cards with other players, by species or color code. Once the green light is up, the whole game table becomes a madhouse stock trading centre. People yelling the number of cards for someone to respond and trade with. And you'd be surprised how many people concern themselves with that last card without noticing that all the bones have disappeared from the table. It's a rough game, and without the cafe's fantastic foresight of laminating each and every card there might be in a game, the cards would have been powdered wood pulp by now.

Here it is. Enjoy.

I like Jurassic Jumble from rinaz on Vimeo.


YongWei said...

ooo i'll blog tomorrow,too tired now...

rinaz said...


TWO! TWO!! TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tianhong said...

haha enough enough. I'm the boss. listen to me else i send u for holiday.

Farinelli said...

STOP you! Buy your investor! Deal with myself! $30 million!

claudia said...

Alright... Farinelli I think you've overly addicted to the games already! Wahahahaha! MUST go back for more next time!