Saturday, February 23, 2008

Going for the Effies!!

By some crazy way or the other, the programme staff for RMIT at SIM managed to secure a crazy deal for students to attend the inaugural World Effie Festival 2008 at Suntec Convention Centre. Before I go on, the Effies, simply put, are the Oscars of the advertising world - recognizing the best of advertising campaigns and efforts. The RMIT staff managed to clinch a deal with the organizers to let us go for $50. By normal standards, Oscar-level or not, $50 to a two-day event is quite a cool price to pay. But aside from the main awards show and accompanying dinner, there are also classes to attend while seats last, and showcases of nominees (I presume). These are the things that us students will look forward to, and we will not be going to the awards ceremony. Why?

Each ticket to the Effies are priced at an insane $2,250.

With such a mad price, $50 is an absolute steal for the valuable knowledge we can get to learn from the classes there. In itself, $50 can buy you alot of things. But when $50 is what you pay after a 98.8% discount on an event that could change your life and shape your career in advertising, you would be quite a cranially-disadvantaged person not to grab this chance. You don't have to feel offended if advertising or any of its links and branches are not your thing in life. If it is, and you're offended, good. My words have done their job rightly.

Well don't fret if you missed the deadline to pay up, or if you find that my point of view is right on second thought. Assuming photographic (maybe video?) coverage is not prohibited, you will be able to read about both the seminars and events that occured there. Then again, even if we can't take photos, we'll bring at least the content of the seminars out with us anyway.

Stay tuned!