Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday Oranges - Prelude

It's nice to be able to wake up at my own time for once, not at some ungodly hour where ghosts get arrested by Hell's Guardians for staying out past the curfew (or get roasted by the first rays of sun if they actually can avoid the guardians. Either way, it's not worth it).

I'm writing about Monday but publishing this on Tuesday. So there. I didn't talk about the day before it was over.

By the time I got out of bed today it was 10+. I went about the usual Netichores - emails and RSS feeds. I was considering since Sunday night buying Campbell's Cream of Mushroom, evaporated milk, cheese maybe? and making my own lunch. But I figured that if I wanted to be so elaborate about it, nasi lemak was still cheaper. So that I got and ate, accompanied by the latest episode of Ugly Betty. I'd not reached my 5th mouthful when my phone buzzed and Ian asked if I wanted to have lunch.


Well too bad. So we met an hour later instead, where I accompanied Ian to the Audio Technica office to get his earphones repaired. Excited about the headworn microphone set I enquired about it. It was $600. Without accompanying equipment (transmitter/receiver amp etcetcetc.) I only want one to plug into the PC dammit. I think it's time to visit Sim Lim... well the other one with the hardcore electronics stuff.

We went to our usual pool haunt at Parkway Centre, but only lasted two games before we were thoroughly out of it. So out of the blue we decided to visit Victoria School. Which I'll continue in the next post because it deserves a chronicle of its own.

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