Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finally Upgraded to Gmail 2.0!

If you listen to 65bits, or if I consider you a fellow geek, you might have heard me bitch about not having been upgraded to Gmail 2.0. It's not so much that it's fantastic or anything, although the improvements are more than welcome, it's just a classic he-has-I-want thing. I was beginning to seriously consider Daniel's theory-in-jest about a Google engineer hearing me complain on 65bits and then gathering his colleagues around his desk to watch him denying my account an upgrade.

So how did I get it? Tired of being left behind, I sought netizenal interference (it's not accurate. just sounds right) from the Gmail help pages. I finally got a clue when they mentioned that "we take time to get our new features rolled out to everyone, but it helps if you are on IE7 or FF2 with English (US) as your language. After digging around on the community forums confirmed this, I had a suspicion and dashed back to my Gmail page to check.

My language was set to English (UK).

This dates back to three years ago when it was my opinion that I grew up learning British English and that that's what should be stated should a situation call for it.

Who cares now? I spell colour as color without flinching. That's what 3 years US education does to you. And not that it's a bad thing.

I would rather like to label it as progress, actually.

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NTT said...

Just clear your cache lah...