Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cab Fare Hike - From the Cabbie's Mouth

Sometime ago (this topic is from an enormous backlog of posts-to-be), around Christmas, I was at my cousin's place, where we had a fantastic lunch involving the Ikea do-all sauce and marine poultry and quadruped meat, and where I experienced the divine power of the Nintendo Wii. With a huge bag of leftovers to carry, I took a cab from Punggol back to Tampines. And I asked the driver about what the increase has done for him and his colleagues.

I got a hollow laugh in response. He was very straight with me about it. "What to do? We depend on airport and Orchard Road."

"But the airport queue is so long."
"Better than driving around looking for customers! Diesel expensive you know!"

Just what are the cab companies trying to do? They aren't helping their employees, and when more enterprising (or desperate) employees waive surcharges, they shrug at first only for someone else to say it's wrong later.

Do they really enjoy twisting people around their fingers like that? I'm not ready to believe they are such cruel creatures, but the image we are all seeing now (or I am), is as such.

You cannot see both the front and back of the person at the same time.

Not without a mirror.


empben said...

cab companies are franchises, since when do franchises ever care about their franchisee? they just collect $75 from them each day, by hook or by crook, cabbies have to produce that amount of money each day + diesel.

its cause when the price raised to $2.50, alot of cabbies dropped out cuz they realised that the demand pool has fallen, so what do they do then?

make driving cabs sound more attractive, $3 + 20 cents jump, so alot of new comers get hooked in and get pawned. this is what is called..modern slavery.

Farinelli said...

Really? If I were God, I'd be falling off my throne laughing at anyone who actually signs up now thinking it's a good deal.