Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa said to say hi, and Merry Christmas to you

'Tis the season to be jolly, and for me, 'tis also the season to catch up with my blogging backlog.

There are so many things I could tell you guys about, but lack of time and lack of motivation to induce muscular movement, as well as an apparent campaign by my body to aggressively earn back lost sleep, has set this site away as lower priority. Well now that I've nothing better to do, I guess I'll grudgingly grant you some content.

Actually no, I do have better things to do. More like, now that I've nothing better that I want to do. Like packing or tidying or housekeeping.

On this snowy Christmas (not here, elsewhere), I went to my cousin Celina's house for a fantabulistic Christmas lunch, consisting of Ikea's Swedish meatballs and salmon, turkey (+ stuffing), ham, pork knuckle, and KFC mashed potatoes. The last item was to make up for the lack of carb (or excess of meat, whichever you please), but received rather poor attention. Only three of the five tubs bought were opened. On the other hand, that brown, diarrhoea-istic meatball sauce from Ikea appears to be Mr I-can-complement-anything-you-lob-me-on. Turkey, meatball, salmon, pork knuckle, whatever meat we had on the table was elevated from excellent to zomg-heaven. The only reason I didn't splat it on the mash was 1) it already has everyone's favorite they-say-its-what's-left-of-the-chicken-frying-oil gravy, and 2) it was running out, and every Asian child has been smacked into being considerate to others.

My cousin had two medium sized dogs, a cutely overweight Corgi the length of a skateboard and the width of A4 paper, and another smaller, fitter... something else. They positively barrelled themselves into us when they were let out of their barriers, and only after they'd calmed down an hour later could we use them as wuffing, licking, furry bolsters.

The last attraction, which at the worst times the dogs would get in the way of, is everyone's favorite Nintendo Wii. My cousin had bought it as a Christmas present for her husband, my cousin-in-law, and we battled it out with tennis and boxing from Wii Sports, gymnastics, table tennis, swimming, shooting, fencing, and running from Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, racing in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (ohhh my arm...), and retarded fun in Smooth Moves. I'm starting to think if I had a 20min session of each of the games in Wii Sports everyday, I just might slim down.

I accept belated Christmas presents. Belated any-occasion presents. Early any-occasion presents. And just as you're about to do your super duper hyper galactic final finisher move, one of the dogs will jump up and give you a humongrelous slurp on your hand, causing you to jump and smack the ball right out of court.

Ok la. The other subjects deserve a post of their own. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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