Thursday, December 6, 2007

Moofee Review: Death at a Funeral

I watched this film solely based on the fact that it was labelled comedy. Yes people do that.

I was presently surprised. Death at a Funeral started off abit slow, but as it picked up pace, I realised that it was just the type of comedy I liked. Eccentric British humor. It's the same reason why I loved Keeping Mum so much. Apart from the characteristic dry humor that tickles the acquired funnybone, both movies have a perfect plot that, quite simply, leads to one screw-up after another, each one bigger than the last.

While Rowan Atkinson excelled in his classic "bumbling idiot" character in Keeping Mum, I have to say Alan Tudyk was in grave danger of outshining lead Matthew Macfayden with his stellar act of a normally sensible lawyer falling prey to accidentally administered hallucinogenic drugs. Also took him some balls, literally, to do half, if not more, of his screentime stark naked. And alot of ingenuity in the videography too, to keep it NC16. There have been comments that the drug joke went on too long. Well it's true that occupies quite a good bit of screentime, but to me they did it really well. Timing, gag, whatever. Perfect.

As they say, this show certainly puts the F U in funeral. Go watch it.

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