Thursday, December 6, 2007

Moofee Review: Pirates of the Carribean 3 - At World's End

K this is abit late, but I just watched it. And now I wonder why I was in the least bit surprised at the graphics in Enchanted.

I see PotC as Disney's attempt to appeal to the older crowd, be it youths or young adults. Because I just can't see how falling off the edge of the world or having to look for a beating heart and stab it or battling while getting sucked into a huge-ass whirlpool or for that matter Davey Jones's face would capture a kid's imagination. As with Enchanted (multiplied by 20, actually), graphics were seamless and looked really......real.

It was 3 hours long though, goodness. And it got off to a very slow start. So slow that I watched it forever, then paused it to heat up my lunch, and oh my God only one hour passed??? And I wonder whether the changing allegiances were believable or not. Of course I understand that some of that were silent nods to bigger trickier plans, but scorning a woman and making her captain of the ship when you're dying a minute later? Weird.

Get the HD home theatre disc. But then make sure your home theatre is 7.1 Surround equipped, echo-padded and tube-amplified. And your HDTV should be, oh I dunno, 40inches across?

That's the only way to enjoy this movie.

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