Thursday, November 8, 2007

Eating My Maths

Three days ago I met up with Mr Fong of eatyourmaths for... something at Holland V. Just to meet and chat, you know, since we were so near to each other anyway (I at SIM and he at ACS(I)). We decided on Coffee Club, when it hit me that I never tried it before, as far as my memory stretches. Being the typical deprived late adolescent that I was I zoomed in on the Ice Tiramisu Latte, made with coffee, milk, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dash (or more) of... oh, some liquor or the other. Mr Fong decided to have his dinner there. Not that I had a problem with that really, because we seemed to be able to talk and talk and talk without running dry (for long anyway).

And so after like an hour and a half of complaints, I decided to become an English tutor!

No la I'm not weird. Well some insist I'm eccentric, but not in this sense I assure you. Tutoring has been at the back of my mind for quite long now, just that I never quite bothered to put my name and particulars down in tuition agencies. They behave just like or even worse than the already unbelievably niao Singaporean parents (if anyone foreign is reading this, niao = picky). But I could do with some extra money, since all my tastes and wants seem to be going up the dollar ladder.

We shall see. Meanwhile, I look forward to meeting Mr Fong, and in fact the rest of the Ping community really soon!

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mr fong said...

Ah, hi Fairy-nelli.