Monday, November 26, 2007

Askin' for it

After 65bits's 49th recording and abit of lounging around at the ever-dependable GT, I followed NTT down to library@orchard to say hi to Ridzuan and Jean. After which NTT led me down to the basement to... to do what!

To try brownies la. Don't read my blog if you're horny.

So he brought me to the Brownie Factory, promising the best brownies ever, his treat! Now I'm quite skeptical when the words "best" and "brownie" are put side by side, because 80% of the "best brownies" I've tried are really just dark brown chunks of chocolate flour. And so now I'm disillusioned. The Brownie Factory, however, delivered, and I bit into a chocosymphony of gooey chocolate centres and slightly less saturated sandwiches of chocolatey dough. With great taste however, comes great fat. My paper bag was soaked through by the time I was done.

I commented to a nodding NTT that usually chocolate leaves your mouth sandy and dry, but the choc in the brownie runs down your throat like it should. Nevertheless, I didn't want to risk having a choco-mouth all the way back to Tampines, so we went back down to Wisma to look for water. Now all this time I kept getting little static shocks from NTT, and since he said it wasn't him, well I concur it's me then. We were debating who it was as we went up the escalator, so on a whim I looked at my index finger, and at his right hand resting on his leg, and I poked his hand. UNBEKNOWNST TO ME, his left hand was gripping the escalator, as well as brushing against the metal underside. The result was a splendiferous crack that made me nearly fall off the escalator, and also nearly made me yell out a huge bubbly FUCK for all of Orchard Road to hear.

So remember boys and girls. Then next time you're really itching to try and see if you're charged up, that is the one time you damn well keep your hands to yourself before you fry yourself up.


DK said...

The brownie really that good? Hmmm... must try someday.

Ridz and Jean at library? hmmm... scandal! Haha. (kidding kidding)

NTT said...

Now we know that farinelli has a "shocking" personality.. LOL

@DK. As for Ridz and Jean, they shooting an MV lah.. You always find scandal one.. tsk tsk tsk..

And Brownie Factory.. I've never had anything better.. :D

Farinelli said...

Ya sial you. not enough sauce for you to read ah? lol

mr fong said...

You almost... became my free power source!!! How dare you lose all your potential with one big Fuck. Haha.

Farinelli said...

Eh you can still ask me. I didn't say it out after all. So I still have da powar!