Wednesday, August 22, 2007

All de slackerz of d world unite!

Too lazy too type properly.

Nawww of course not.

But I tell you what I was too lazy to do. I was too lazy to sit up and listen, this second half of the semester, Summer(II).

After my glorious victory in The Battle of Summer(I), I somehow switched off in Summer(II). I attribute it to my lecturers. Excuses? Maybe... But lemme be clear. Attribute does not equate blame. I don't blame them. In fact if anyone I blame myself.

Let's start with Hong Junhao, lecturer for Mass Communication Theory. I suspect that he's a fantastic academic. But his teaching is omgwtf-deplorable. 20 years in the US, Head of Buffalo's Communication Department, and (I've said this to everyone who asked, I know) speaks like he's been in US less than a year. Copies points word for word from the textbook, and can still make grammatical and typo mistakes. I think it was Pam who said, the most interesting part of the lessons were racing to see who could pick out the passages (yeah. Passages) from where he lifted first.

And then there's Dr Chen Ni. First, the textbook is a waste of money and time. It looks more like a book to promote the goodness of PR than to teach about it. And Dr Chen herself gives off an air of plastic-ness and superficiality. Now I'm really sorry to say that, because in most other aspects she's a really nice lady, but well, that's the impression I got from here, as far as lectures and PR as an academic subject was concerned.

At the risk of sounding like a bored know-it-all genius, the only thing that really entertained me was the PR project. Once again I got to wield my arbitrary Premiere skills, and turned the cogs of my mind with some baffling (and blasted) decoding and encoding issues. Man, video is one of the few areas where I still trust analog more than digital. It gets really hard to praise Sony for its otherwise technologically outstanding devices when all that proprietary shit falls in. Movie suite my ass.

And so I only left my engine running to work on the PR case. After the Summer(I) fiasco(es), the last thing that I wanted on my mind was the knowledge that I was bogging my group down with my laziness.

I was so phased out of this semester that I very nearly studied for the wrong paper, until Daphne made me realize it. But then like I told her and everyone, since I started studying about half an hour earlier, I didn't really lose out, and it made little difference for me to switch then. But remember kids, do not try this at home.

Not without adult supervision. ;)

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