Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Random 25

I thought I'd post it here too, just for the posterity of it all.

1. I like the color purple. The shades that aren't awfully gaudy anyway. I love the life and vibrance of this simple mix of red and blue. Some say that makes me a king; others say it makes me a queen. It doesn't matter. Purple, I love you.

2. I am a signaller in the 8th Signal Battalion of the Singapore Armed Forces, dedicated to homeland security. If I tell you anymore than that I shall have to order in the commandos at my disposal to wipe out your bloodline.

3. I have rediscovered my love for reading (proper books, not blogs and FB notes) in 8 Sig Bn. Go figure.

4. My sources of digital entertainment are my Creative ZEN, Nintendo DS, XBOX 360, and my absolutely sexy MacBook Pro. Although the last two aren't too portable. I mean ideally I'd move all 4 into camp but...

5. I disliked coffee when I was young. After I entered uni at age 16+, I slowly began to drink coffee like an addict. I heartily blame 
Geek Terminal for sealing that addiction into my life. :)

6. I am allergic to peanuts. I will get an uneasy sensation in my mouth and if left unattended I will lose my voice for the day.

7. My mom ate a shitload of peanuts when I was gestating. Protein or something. Guess it was abit too much.

8. My musical tastes have evolved as follows:
Pri sch/lower sec: pop/boyband/radio hits
Upper sec: hardcore opera
Uni: death/black/power metal
Uni ending: add on abit of post hardcore
NS: revisiting classical music, symphonies concertos and chorals.

But I still do listen to my previous interests... the above are just my main focuses.

9. Red Cliff finally got me interested in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and I bought the Moss Roberts abridged translation.

10. Hero and Red Cliff also got me interested in ancient Chinese music.

11. Oh speaking of music, I'm an amateur audiophile. When I... um acquire music I try to get it in high bitrates. I'm still trying to decide whether having my files in WAV format is really worth it. Damn space-costly. The history of my earphones are as follows:
Apple in-ear earphones ($68)
Creative EP-630 ($45) - one of the best budget earphones you'll ever find.
Creative Aurvana ($169) - though I got it for far less. Lovely phones they really are, but no match to even the lower end prosumers. For example...
Ultimate Ears 5 Pro ($399) - Do you know, once upon a good time, it used to be 299. Then Logitech bought over UE and fucked it all up. Royal arsewipes.

12. My ambitions have evolved as follows:
5 years old - Sebastian the crab
14 - actor
14.9 - journalist
15 - newscaster
16.2 - errr somewhere in the media wherever
17 - marketing/advertising
18.5 - Public Relations FTW!!

13. Being Communications Scapegoat for 
Tech65 sealed the above decision for me.

14. It is also my distant dream to conduct Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture, complete with cannons and a chorus.

15. I played quite a bit of pool and foosball in uni, because SIM's recreation room (now a gym) had two pool tables and a foosball table.

16. As foosball players we dreaming youngsters developed signature moves and gave them names. One could do an uncatchable arc from the defender and swing the ball in from the side - he called it the Comet. One struck from the attackers with blinding speed and precision - he called it the Heavenly Striker. I discovered a strange strength in my wrists, and developed a morale-dropping move I called Raishin - Japanese for Thunder God (yeah, shut up). The ball dropped into play, rolled along the line to my midfielders. Nobody moves. It reaches the center man, I rotate my players slightly back. All they see is a blur, all they hear is a crack. The ball disappears into the goal. The same thing done from the defenders or even better, the keeper, I called Ten no Raishin (Thunder God from Above - shut up).

17. It was a good thing there was a glass panel over the table to stop people from pocketing the ball. It also stopped plenty of eyes from getting taken out.

18. I got a beautiful black metal Seiko watch from Japan, solar-powered, sapphire-coated glass, and the ability to do a once-a-day check with Japan's time radio signal towers and sync the time accordingly. It cost S$400, which I later found out was half price. Either way, my mom had a black black face for quite some time after, but had to grudgingly admit after a few weeks that it absolutely suited my personality. When I'm out of camp it follows me everywhere I go.

Thanks mom, dad. :)

19. I lack in psychomotor skills. Slow reactions and butterfingers (limbs). In my early early years my parents were worried because of this that I was mildly autistic.

20. I personally believe that in some miraculous strange way, I do have a very mildly autistic part of me, which hardly shows up the typical ways autism do, but would account for quite a chunk of my personality.

21. I am an extremist. Even on the same subject I can at times lose interest in a matter of seconds, or get glued to it for hours. I have mild obsessions with newfound interests - buying hundreds of Magic cards to find they're essentially useless, complete sets of movie promotional magnets or calendars just for the heck of collections, buying every game I think I might like when I got my 360. List can go on. And that is why I am extremely, extremely cautious and apprehensive about getting into prosumer photography, even though I love it.

22. I am anarchically untidy in certain matters and dictatorially neat in others. When some switch in my mind is successfully flicked, I will arrange books on my shelf in order of descending height, or use a ruler to ensure the three stacks of various books on my table are in line with each other. Otherwise, the place in question basically looks like an aftermath of an earthquake hurricane and tornado combined.

23. As I was saying, I love photography because it allows me to share the little pleasures and sides of my life that I don't think people usually take notice of. Perhaps it is for that reason that I especially indulge in macro shots.

24. I get long-winded. But perhaps you have already noticed. That explains why I often give up on my own blog post drafts (yes, loso until no patience to continue. winner right?) or else write posts so long that it spans the entire webpage.

25. Ok, last one. I indulge heavily in the individuals I consider friends. Time, abit of money, favors, extra miles. My only expectation is that they will readily do the same for me. And God knows how many a quibble that has caused. :)

I do hope you've enjoyed this little indulgence in myself. As the other notes say, I would like to know you that little bit more if I tag you, so if you're willing to take some time out (I think I took 1.5h) to do this note too, be sure to tag me back. Shalom~ :)

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