Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ho ho ho.

I was just reading Kevin Lim's latest blog post about Facebook network graphing, and tried it out for myself. Quite interestingly my friends are quite neatly categorizable.

I quickly noticed a node in the center of my UB-SIM and SG Blogosphere continents and hovered over it. Who should I find, but good old...

I should have guessed. After all he was to blame for hooking a whole damn class of about 50 onto Blogger, Second Life and Twitter.

Kevin! 我们永远支持你!AHHHHHHHHHHHH~!


Kevin said...

Sorry for creating an addiction :P
Realistically, not every student has continued blogging or even tweeting, but this is still interesting information for me.

Interestingly, I am about to give a presentation next week on how we (yes you helped) got the class blogging. I've got it privately hosted on Slideshare, but will let folks see it on Feb 26th. It'll be called "Leveling up students with blogs".

You'll be able to see what I had planned, what didn't make the cut.

Farinelli said...

O ok! I'll be watching for it on my feeds :)