Sunday, October 5, 2008

Social Media Brunch 4

The Social Media Brunch 4 just happened yesterday at the URA Theatrette. First of all, I love the way the SMB organizers try to innovate and experiment what type of activities would work best for SMB|SG, and a big thank you again to them for tirelessly organizing them all. I especially admire the fact that the finances are all coming out of either theirs or benefactors' pockets. It's hard enough organizing an event no matter how much funding you have under your belt; it's a whole different level when you are so passionate you are willing to pay for food, stationery, etc. Salut! And ok, I have to stop for one moment and reiterate something everyone's been saying.

Willy Foo and his crew is amazing.

Look at this.

The expressions captured in the photos taken through out the event are magical. It's as if all of them have this shutter-sense when this or that is gonna smile, or laugh, or raise his eyebrows.

I wanna do photography next time. It will probably burn a smokin' hole in my pocket.

This time a panel discussion was held on Corporate Adoption of Social Media, an issue that has been festing on the minds of just about anyone involved in an concern in any capacity about Singapore's social media scene. We all know that companies are reluctant to jump into social media, when here we are dancing in it as if we were swimming in liquid gold, and this discussion gave us a chance to, as I said, bring the thorny issues to the table and hammer it all out. Personally it was a very absorbing discussion, and given the unusual silence and rapt attention the audience in general was giving, they felt the same. You can read the record of major points raised in the live blogging post, found in the link at the top of this article, or you can head over to Tech65 to hear the not-perfect-but-we-did-our-best audio recordings.

After hearing that whole load of stuff, and then talking to Brian Koh and Melvin Yuan, I realised that as someone who deeply aspires to be in the PR industry, as well as loves tech, I should really be reading up alot more than I am now (in other words, next to never) about the whole marketing, PR and social media scene in Singapore, and just for knowledge in SEA and US. So I'm going start that now, and you may expect to see more PR/SMSG related stuff coming from this blog. You may. I leave you to decide.


Derrick Koh said...

Good to know that this session has re-invigorated your interest and motivation to learn more abt PR/communications. For me, the whole social media element is adding to the diversity, challenge and fun of having decent (or fun and frivolous) dialogues with your audience.

Pat Law said...

Try Seth Gobin's blog... or BL Ochman's... great reads for all things related to communications.

Anonymous said...

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