Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Trial of Getting a Mac

Probably the only one who can be blamed in all this is Time. I don't want anyone to mistake this for a lashout at you, because I know that you're all well-meaning, but I just gotta let this out.

Everytime I happily announce that I wanna get a new Mac, specifically my Macbook Pro, people tell me to wait.

First I was shifting house. Then BMT approached and I thought well it's gonna collect dust anyway, why not hang on abit?

But my desktop is giving me increasing problems that are irritating the bloody hell out of me. First the processor can't seem to handle more than 5 tasks without slowing to a crawl, and then now the monitor's fuzzing out on me. So I decided you know what, screw it, let's just get it done and over with, I'll get my Mac now.

But my dotcomrades said wait. There's an Apple event in September, hang on for that before you miss out on great stuff.

Turned out to be an iPod event. (Sleek shit btw the new Touch)

So well never mind, better than taking a risk.

Now my best dotcomrades are saying wait. Announcements due in October. Possibly November. Could be MacWorld '09.


At this rate I'll be getting my MBP after my ORD man!



Kenny said...

That's the case if you don't wanna lose out isn't it? In anycase, considering how Centrino 2 was only introduced like a month or so ago, its only a matter of time before they make their way onto MBPs.

NTT said...

Actually the word on the street is that Apple might be moving away from Intel chipsets to a self-designed chipset, which will give a huge boost to OS X since there will be more synergy between the chipset and the OS..

Anyway, that's besides the point.. For you PC, you may want to try to reinstall Windows, that should generally help with the lag..

And finally, I will still laugh at you if you get a MBP and Apple announces a new one the next day... ROFL!!

empben said...

im not a comp expert but then when it comes down to buying things...sleep on it dont make impulse buys. once you are done with that and figure you are still looking at the same thing, go for it! but why a lappie instead of an uber desktop? MBP are ex...

nicole gives the thumbs up for it cuz she be designing stuffiessss on it so yea