Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Cosy Mid-Autumn

So now that we've got much more comfortable and chilloutable facilities, my parents decided that we should go down to the poolside for abit to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival. Even though we ended up only spending half an hour downstairs, it was still probably the best midautumn celebration... thingy we had going on.

And yes, you are wondering what's that blue glow in the pictures.

So there's my brother's lantern, which he got in school when he celebrated MAF a week ago in school, dunno why. And that's the mooncake with the knife, which we saved in the end for another time to savor. That is the durian flavor; the tiramisu flavor used to sit in the empty box. Then there's my phone, just in case, and oh look, what's that? X-Minimax portable speakers. Click the link if you don't already know about them, they're a fantastic local brand producing awesome quality and innovative products.

Mini speakers coupled with my ZEN playing... what else? Traditional Chinese music. I told my mother shamelessly, "Isn't it great? That you have a son so knowledgeable in both music and technology? How many families do you see having crisp Chinese music floating through the air while gazing at the pure white moon and eating tiramisu mooncake?"

Oh, and that pile of things that look like used tissue, that's just pomelo skin.

If you ahem want the album, the title is Meditations on China. Look it up yourself.

Happy Mid-Autumn Fest.

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