Sunday, January 21, 2007

On the Week 2 Readings - Blogging

I'm feeling a sense of growing responsibility, and a sort of accompanying guilt that questions the real purpose of having a blog.

Frankly there wasn't much to say about the Wikipedia articles. It's a pedia after all. Simply information and knowledge. Not very thought-inducing as far as I could read. But the Wired article, or write up, caught my attention as I read through it the second time (nothing registered first time round).

"Informed people will look to amateurs they trust for information they want." (Wired, 2002) I've always thought of my blog as entertainment-oriented. I'd put videos of me gulping helium, pictures of painfully funny misspelt Engrish signs, and post (self-) depreciating words to amuse everybody. It does make me feel great when people come up to me and say stuff like, 'OMG Renhao I read your post about the Mentos-Diet Coke fiasco and I laughed so hard.'

Yes. It really happened.

But what am I contributing to my readers? What do they learn from reading my blog? Nothing, really, of great importance. Nor anything of great significance. All they take away from my blog is a lighter heart, filled with the noble gas called Humour. At least, that is what I hope to achieve behind all the HTML codes.

And how will my blog influence my friends? I don't assume that I influence because my blog is oh so inspiring, but with the blogging boom, there has to be some sort of peer influence going on. And if what all an aspiring blogger sees are silly Youtube videos, cam-whoring pictures and acidic remarks at the expense of others, what have I done to this would-be blogger's perception of the idea of blogs?

I get so much fun out of blogging, but in the end, I've done nothing at all. Well, it's certainly not too late. I've whooped up a whole bunch of RSS feeds (well ok 80% are COM125 blogs but I really hope to see you guys continue posting even after this semester. Some of you really can write engagingly even if you don't or didn't like to blog) and I'm gonna blog more about the news.

And if I become a famous blogger Mr Kevin Lim, it will be alllll your fault. ;D

PS --:
In order not to confuse Kevin or anyone reading this, I decided to remove the reference that originally took up this space, as well as delete the Assignment label. This post merely reflects my own opinion. Assignment posts will be clearly distinguished by the title, formatted as Kevin showed in class, citations and references, as well as the Assignment label.


Kevin said...

Renhao, I'm sorry but this isn't how the weekly assignment should be done.

The weekly assignment is unlike a regular personal blog post. It has to be academic in nature, by discussing the readings in detail and by adding your perspective supported by citations from the readings.

If you wish, you still have time to redo this before the deadline. Here's an example by fellow student Xinmin.

Renhao said...

Oh gosh no haha! This isn't my assignment. This is just an earlier draft that I only just managed to complete. And well since it was based on the blogging readings, I titled it as such.

My assignment is on my way. Sorry for the confusion.

Kevin said...

No problem. I'll await for your assignment. If you get it in early, I can at least give some feedback before I actually grade it. :)

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