Monday, January 29, 2007

Katana Pawar

There are some things that are amazing. And then there are those things that are just madness.

I found the longer video to this. But I'm sticking just this shortened one up to show the action... the front part was just introduction, history, and all that anyway. This video shows a faceoff conducted on a Japanese variety show between a hand-forged katana (Japanese Samurai sword, not because I think my readers are ignoramuses but, you know, you dunno who's reading man. This is be calls service :)) and a .45mm Colt Government issue. You probably can guess from my title which one won.

Then, today when I showed the video to Hans and Graham, Hans pointed another video I hadn't noticed the previous night.

This is the same sword, I believe, against a .5mm machine gun. The gun of course triumphs via the number game (power of strength in numbers), but objectively, the katana wins again.

Nihon banzai~!

Oh yeah and, I wanted to upload this earlier, but I sent my phone in for servicing, and since that's the only way for me (as of now anyway) to access my MiniSD card, I only just loaded the picture into my com. I must have accidentally pressed the resolution toggle by mistake, which is such a pity for a great moment like this.

Such a dogeatdog world we're in. This is like some capitalist joke or something...

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