Monday, January 2, 2012

Au revoir, et salut

Another day, another month, another year. 2011 left as soon as it swooped down, and I have to say, it left quite a trail of destruction in its wake. Tsunamis, floods (talking about Thailand, we only pond here in Singapore), uprisings, revolutions. I wonder if humankind has been any unhappier, discounting the wars.

I suppose I've had a good enough break. All I have done is spend money, more money in a week than I usually spend in 3. That should be a good enough sign that I had fun. It's back to full speed immediately on the first day of work, and I hope I can pace myself and stay another year in OPR while helping with Tech65 and developing my own photographic and videographic skill sets.

It's purported that the world is due to end in 2012. Kinda hoping it wouldn't. I do have quite the checklist of things to do before I run along to heaven.

I've fallen asleep two times writing this.

I suppose that's another sign.

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Carole said...

You might be interested in this Wordsworth quote about what it takes to be a good man. Acts of Kindness