Thursday, June 24, 2010

Epicenter @ MBS

I'm going the grand opening of Epicenter at Marina Bay Sands on Friday morning, and I was reminded of this long long long overdue post about their media opening that happened sometime ago. We were given a tour of MBS (what was open anyway) and even shown into a business suite. Get this, every suite has an iPod speaker/alarm/radio thingy! Seems they spare no expense when it comes to the business class. So all that's left now is to somehow sneak a peek into a normal consumer room (and perhaps presidential suite too). I wonder if Epicenter had something to do with it...

But back to that, this Epicenter isn't the biggest around (that wouldn't have been wise too considering the relatively remote location of MBS), but I guess it will do well for 1) hotel guests in need of accessories, 2) casual shoppers walking around the Shoppes, or 3) some crack-induced combination of 1 and 2.

We had a game where we were supposed to list the names of 10 songs based on about 10s of a song. I rocked at classics and classic rock but totally died at modern pop. As usual. Winner got a complete set of leather iPhone covers... those with the country flags designed onto them at back.

Anyway, there was a lucky draw at the end of the event, and look what I got! :D

It's an iHome iPod/iPhone speaker worth like $500! I really can't justify paying so much for a consumer-ish (ie non-audiophile grade) speakers, but I definitely can hear the clarity in them. It's too bad that most iPod speakers are crazy expensive. If you are prepared to pay for a good iPhone hi-fi set, you will make a safe investment in iHome (not that I have heard the others).

Waiting to see what's in store at this Friday's opening! (I'm personally hoping for an iPad. 32GB. 3G. Thanks)

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