Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SG Blogosphere 2009 Most Talked About Event

Last year it was Rinaz and Cart's wedding. Next year it will be... well something.

This year, the topic that wins the recognition of being the one that generated the most intense chatter is...

DK's Christmas Bearbear bag.

What can I say? Fate deals cruel hands. It's the shitty part of her job. But sometimes right, she deals it in such a way that the resultant situation makes it into the top ten funniest moments of all who were there to witness.

In all honestly, even I would have wanted the bear (it's awfully cute and of reasonably good make) if not for the lousy fact that it was a bag. I wonder who was the genius who saw this perfect product and went "Nope not enough let's slit a hole in the back of his neck and add straps to him that way he will be even more appealing."

Well, win some lose some.

And below is the torture we all put DK through for your utter viewing pleasure. I have to say, it does look so much better in Youtube HD.


DK said...

Wah piang. You are fast man.

Miccheng said...


Supriya said...

Ah hahahahahaha. thanks for the 'unwrapping video'.

Daniel said...

The look on Gina's face is priceless

NTT said...

Is it me or is it creepy that all the girls wanna see the hairy bottom of the bear..