Sunday, November 15, 2009


Three days back my family walked into the lift of our condo block to see a piece of paper stuck onto that space in the elevator where you normally would see the certificate of operatability. It looked like a laser color printed page with this picture.

I'm sure most of you have seen it. It's the latest in thing among kids, called the swave board. Very innovative I must say. But back to the notice. Here's roughly what it said:
Until a few days ago, my daughter was the proud owner of a swave board. I'm sure you have seen this, alot of kids have it. But my daughter found her swave board missing a few days ago. I do hope any parent will notice if their child brings back a swave board that isn't theirs, and I trust you will return it to the management office who will then pass it back to us. Yours sincerely one very annoyed parents and one very upset child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She (or he) did actually put about that amount of exclamation marks.

If someone pasted this in your lift, what would your reaction be?

If I had a pen with me I would have written somewhere on the page "That's entirely your own problem not ours".

I do think that this came from a Caucasian parent. I'm not saying that Caucasians are idiots, or that Chinese wouldn't do the same, but this is quite the nature of Caucasians, and should I say Asians naturally don't do this. Because really, how is it our fault if you didn't teach your kids to take care of their possessions, or if they just don't? What, you gonna leave your ATM PIN number in the open and put up notices suing the world for your loss of cash? How irresponsible is that? I don't think it matters if you are white or yellow skinned, I'm sure anyone who is even remotely educated can agree that no one else is going to take care of your stuff if you aren't bothered yourself (except for your parents maybe and they won't last forever), and certainly no one in his right mind will be willing to take responsibility for the loss of others' properties.

Sure, you can say it's their culture. But newsflash: you're in Singapore now, so act like it. Don't come act all high and bitchy on us and expect someone with eye slits a conical hat and goatee to grovel at your door saying "Hohhh we izu sorry muchu pleazu." I wiru smack you face bitsu.