Sunday, August 17, 2008


I had originally wanted to wait until I bought my Macbook Pro to get a Razer mouse, so that it would make an invincible couple. I'm still waiting to see when I'm allowed to book out often enough to justify the expensive purchase of a powerful laptop. But my old Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 got too cranky for me to take it anymore. For every click I execute on my left button, it sends two to three signals through, making it unable to drag and drop stuff without accidentally opening a file, which on my ageing Pentium 4 doesn't exactly happen in a snap. I got so fed up that I uncharacteristically agreed to meet a friend to go to Funan on a Sunday. Normally I just relax (rot beautifully) at home waiting for the time to get back to Pasir Ris for another adventure-filled week at sunny Pulau Tekong.

My bestie Ben wanted to get a Speck MBP hardshell case for his girlfriend (they dote on each other like that. Envious isn't it?) and I guessed, correctly as it turned out, that Funan would be his best bet. At the same time, I decided to go ahead and splash on a Razer, as well as an X-Minimax. I'm usually a Creative fan (still am actually), but the Minimax's size won my favor. As for the Razer, I looked the various models up and decided on the slightly higher ended Copperhead. I have to confess now - I bought it mainly because it has a glowing logo on it's back. I'm a sucker for glowers.

I chose Anarchy Red simply because it was the best looking color among red green and blue. Ben and I both have this thing for red-black combos. Or maybe I picked it up from him, I dunno. If what they say about the color red is true, then yes, I love a sense of danger and power.

More of power la actually. What danger is there in the face of power?

As for the Minimax, Ben uncharacteristically suggested I chose black over my initial guess of red.

"Red looks like......"
"Ha yeah."
"... ... black."

I came back and did an unboxing video of both items. I'll see when I can get it uploaded, starting with the Copperhead vid. The bill hurt my pocket quite abit (do the math yourself), but the moment I plugged it in, I knew every cent was worth it. Same for the X-minimax. Seriously powerful shit for its size. Imagine Guns 'n' Roses' Paradise City at full volume so loud it actually hurts, and no distortion at all.

Now all I have to do is let my Minimax finish its initial charge, restart my com, set my Copperhead profile settings, and transfer my pics and videos out from my memory card. Then it's back to camp for me.


POP in sight! Here's to me staying positive!


empben said...

oh man u didnt post on your bday
they didnt let you out on thurs meh? so crappy, and you my friend have turned OLD. from 19- 20 the change of the 1st digit goshhhh LET THE FORCE BE WITH YOU OH CHUBBY ONE

Farinelli said...

Technically I can post on my birthday.

I just would have fried my phone and fingers. Blogging on an alphanumeric keypad is not funny.

empben said...

oh man its time for you to change your blogger pic to one that has the real lightsaber hahaha

Farinelli said...

Yes I did think of that and already had a very frustrating self-photo shoot. Apparently things get alot harder when you have a glowing prop.

We'll see. Maybe I'll Photoshop it in. It's what they all do anyway.