Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gaki no Tsukai

I am a person who is rather easily tickled. Very often in fact, I laugh for no seeming reason, to the slight concern of my friends. Imagine then when I watch a show where the greatest of Japan's comedians gang up on three or four unfortunate comedians as punishment for having lost an earlier challenge. The rules are simple. Do not laugh under any circumstances, or suffer. Sounds familiar? You've probably seen this clip before, that's why.

Downtown is Japan's top variety show at present, and so is the comedic duo of the same name. Their various punishment games have made it into the online world for their extreme mirth and torture. It is already funny enough when someone like me watched an unsubtitled episode of it, but when some kind soul does the subbing, the show improves by 5 times.

For your enjoyment are two episodes broken into multiple parts and subbed. You will find the rest of the clips of the episode in the after-play menu.

Warning: If you are going to watch the episodes below, be warned that they air as specials and range from over an hour to over two hours long in total. Bookmark this page or return to my blog another day if you have to - I'm not going to be responsible for your loss of time.

Punishment Game in High School:

Punishment Game at the Hot Spring Inn:

Punishment Game - 24h Tag:

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