Monday, April 21, 2008

Singnet Makes It Inexplicably Hard to Access

For about two weeks, starting on the Saturday when we recorded our live show for the 65th episode of 65bits, has been inaccessible through Singnet broadband and wireless@sg. The only way we are aware of so far to get through this problem is to create a proxy at, port 8080.

I think we're pretty sure it isn't a block by Singnet, because 5% of the time it is accessible - a block wouldn't let that happen. It is clearly some sort of connection problem, something that unfortunately after many many attempted solutions, have not lead to improved connections, and our confidence in the services provided by Singtel has completely failed at this juncture. Particularly because of the lack of support from Singtel themselves, something that has infuriated us very much.

This problem has affected our listenership very negatively, especially in recent episodes, even though many of our listeners subscribe to our show through iTunes and our RSS feeds, everything still has to go through our site, and not being able to connect to Tech65 has impeded our ability to continue providing service as many of our editors are on Singtel.

My dear readers and listeners, please blog about this as well on your respective spaces. Let the blogosphere know in your own way about this bizarre problem, and be sure to let us know if you are encountering the same problem with your site. We hope to resolve this soon and get our shows back on the smooth track.

Thank you for your support!

*Thanks to Jerrick for cleaning up my muddly draft*


Kenny said...

I'm on Singnet and have only been able to access Tech65.

Kenny said...

*never been able to access Tech65

That's what I meant to say.

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Anonymous said...

What do you expect of Singnet? Basically they employ a bunch of hard to change people who will stick to the long-used method instead of trying new methods which basically in that company would send people to god knows where. Providing this sort of service for Wireless@SG is totally unacceptable as they have taken up government funds to provide this service for free. Which means, the government has already paid on our behalf using tax-payers' money

Farinelli said...

Yes I know what you mean by government funds.

I'm really glad that they handled it efficiently at least. Good thing about the old proven method is that there's at least a big knowledge base. All that's left is whether the people serving you know enough of that base and are willing to provide it to you. And they did.